Excursions and sightseeing tour in Krasnoyarsk

The company "ORDERING-BUSES 24" offers You a service of our company, namely, trips on buses and minibuses in Krasnoyarsk and Krasnoyarsk Krai. Minibuses with a capacity of seven to twenty-three seats, and buses from twenty-nine to fifty-nine seats. The tour bus from the company "ORDERING-BUSES 24" is distinguished by its variety and versatility of the excursions. Excursion tour includes all the sights of Krasnoyarsk and Krasnoyarsk region, all the most picturesque and fabulous places. Excursions from the "ORDERING-BUSES 24" company are accompanied not only by our guides. If you already have a guide, we will provide you with comfortable transportation, and for your guide microphone and all the necessary attributes.

Our drivers are great professionals and with them the bus tour will take place as it should. The guide from our company will help you to choose the most fascinating and fascinating excursion tour.

What we can offer You:

- Meet your group from anywhere in the city, from the airport or from the railway station;

- Deliver your group anywhere in the city, to the airport or railway station;

- comfortable bus or minibus equipped with comfortable seats with seat belts;

- Professional staff in the face of the driver and guide;

- Fascinating and interesting excursions in Krasnoyarsk and Krasnoyarsk region.

The "ORDERING-BUSES 24" company is engaged in transportation of passengers of any age. Our buses and minibuses are equipped with tachograph and GLONASS. We organize excursions for schoolchildren and provide all the necessary documents to the traffic police. The "ORDERING-BUSES 24" company gives a guarantee of safe driving of our drivers.
Company buses provides various excursion programs, which are designed as single or group. Our tour programs include the provision of vehicles (buses, vans, cars of business and Executive class), photography (optional), tour guide services, catering, extra snacks on the way, potable water for each passenger, a selection of drinks. For You we have prepared excursions to the famous "Pillars", an excursion to the" Swarm stream", the famous" king - fish", beaver log. Programs include visits to such places as the chapel, the Museum of local lore, the victory memorial, the steamer "St. Nicholas", the Pushkin theater, the Opera and ballet theater, the BKZ, the SFU, THE railway station. Thanks to our partners, we can provide you with even this type of transport as a limousine. On it you can feel all the beauty of the night Krasnoyarsk.

We will arrange for you excursions to all the temples of the city, tell you about each monument, visit all the mysterious caves of the city of Krasnoyarsk, visit all the facilities of the sensational Universiade. Come to us, we are waiting for you.

You can contact us send us e-mail krasavtobus@yandex.ru